Booklet Tips – License Your Course

Once you expand your bite size brilliance into a course of some kind, not only do you have an additional way to deliver your knowledge to those who are eager to learn from you in whatever formats you deliver the course; you also have new revenue streams that others want to help you create.

Your new course, whether online, by phone, in-person, scheduled live, self-guided, or on-demand can bring you new income way beyond simply offering it to those who will pay you a registration fee to take it. In fact there are people who are thrilled to find well-constructed programs that someone else labored to develop – and pay you a licensing fee to be able to deliver it themselves to audiences they attract.

Licensing is “renting” your content to someone else, for them to use in specific ways you allow, in exchange for payment to you. You will always own the content to use in any ways you want. The situation is similar to your owning a rental property where you issue a lease that includes the terms that someone can live there, in exchange for payment. And when they move out, you still own the property.

This is true especially when you have taken some time to test-drive your presentation, have figured out ways to successfully attract audiences for your expertise, and have related products and services that you already developed or plan to create. For as many topics as tips booklets are written, so, too, are there people interested in learning through courses among the various ways they are delivered.

Whether you are a consultant, coach, book author, small business owner, education professional or an at-home parent, your experiences are valuable to other people. Starting with a tips booklet and expanding it from there gives you a solid basis to license a course you design. It lets you get your message further and help more people, including yourself!

Their expertise and their delivery style may be different than yours, which can often enhance rather than detract from the recipients’ experience. Consider the terms you’re willing to offer – length of time for a license, what you will and will not allow in varying from the course you created, how much to charge for the initial license and for its renewal, any course materials that can only come from you, and other elements that are unique or that you want to make unique for your situation.

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